Headers attribute test - multi level

Expected headers for target: "example 3 ltd, contact". Note: when using table navigation, screen readers will often reduce verbosity by not announcing headers multiple times; they will only announce changes to headers as you navigate through cells. Therefore, when navigating to the next column from the "contact" header, it is okay to only hear the "example 3 ltd" header. When navigating down from the "example 3 ltd" header, it is okay to only hear the "contact" header.

Supplier contacts
  Example 1 Ltd Example 2 Co
Contact James Phillips Marie Beauchamp
Position Sales Director Sales Manager
Email jp@1ltd.example.com marie@2co.example.com
  Example 3 Ltd Example 4 Inc
Contact Suzette Jones (target) Alex Howe
Position Sales Officer Sales Director
Email Suz@ltd3.example.com howe@4inc.example.com

This example was taken from the WAI table tutorials