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Test: ARIA button name from inner text

Current support: partial (1/10)

This test ensures that the accessible name is computed correctly for inner text.

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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <title>ARIA button examples</title>
        *[role="button"] {
            padding: .5em;
            border: 1px solid #000;
            display: inline-block;
<h1>ARIA Button Examples</h1>
<p>This page contains various ARIA button examples</p>

<h2>Target 0: inner text</h2>
<div role="button" id="target-0" onclick="alert('target 0 clicked')" tabindex="0">target 0</div>

<h2>Target 1: aria-label</h2>
<div role="button" id="target-1" onclick="alert('target 1 clicked')" tabindex="0" aria-label="target 1">sample text</div>

Support tables

Assertions are conditions that must be met for the feature to be considered as "supported". Only "MUST" assertions need to be met for minimal "support". "SHOULD" and "MAY" assertions indicates support that goes above and beyond. Note that there is not an explicit standard that dictates these assertions, and as such, they are likely opinionated. Minimal support reflects that the structure, relationships, and functionality of the feature are conveyed and operable by assistive technology rather than minimal conformance to any specific WCAG SC. As such, a feature might not meet all "MUST" assertions but still be usable (potentially frustratingly so).

Assertion support summary by type of assertion
partial (1/10)nana

Assertion support summary by assertion

FeatureAssertionSupportHas failing tests
button roleThe assistive technology MUST convey the accessible namepartial (1/10)No

button role: The assistive technology MUST convey the accessible name

This assertion is from the button role feature.

ATBrowserHas SupportOutputAction
Dragon Naturally Speaking 15.30Internet Explorer 11.253yes
  • Result: (pass)
    • command: "Click <text>"
    • Output: (target was clicked)
  • Result: (pass)
    • command: Click <type>
    • Output: (all elements of type were flagged)
More information
JAWSGoogle Chromeunknown-More information
JAWSInternet Explorerunknown-More information
JAWSFirefox (desktop)unknown-More information
NarratorMicrosoft Edgeunknown-More information
NVDAGoogle Chromeunknown-More information
NVDAFirefox (desktop)unknown-More information
TalkBackGoogle Chrome (android)unknown-More information
VoiceOver for iOSSafari (iOS)unknown-More information
VoiceOver for macOSSafari (macOS)unknown-More information

Extended Support for: button role: The assistive technology MUST convey the accessible name

These are less common combinations

ATBrowserHas SupportOutputAction
Dragon Naturally SpeakingFirefox (desktop)unknown-More information
Dragon Naturally SpeakingGoogle Chromeunknown-More information
JAWSMicrosoft Edgeunknown-More information
NarratorFirefox (desktop)unknown-More information
NarratorGoogle Chromeunknown-More information
NarratorInternet Explorerunknown-More information
NVDAInternet Explorerunknown-More information
NVDAMicrosoft Edgeunknown-More information
TalkBackFirefox (desktop)unknown-More information
VoiceOver for iOSGoogle Chrome (ios)unknown-More information
VoiceOver for macOSGoogle Chromeunknown-More information
VoiceOver for macOSFirefox (desktop)unknown-More information


  • 2019-02-08 Test created