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Test: CSS Generated Content with HTML span element (VoiceOver (iOS)/Safari)

Expectation: CSS generated content: MUST be included as part of the accessible name - applied to the span element

AT NameVoiceOver (iOS)
AT Version12.3.1
Browser NameSafari
Browser Version12.3.1
OS version12.3.1

When using the next/previous line command, you have to swipe left/right three times to hear the entire sentence. The first swipe right reads the before generated content 'this', the next swipe right reads the html contents 'is generated', and the final swipe right reads the after generated content 'content'.

Commands and Output

These are specific commands used to access the target element in the test, along with the resulting output.

next_item (Swipe Right)passthis. is generated. content.
start_reading (two-finger + swipe down)passthis is generated content