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Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon Naturally Speaking is dictation software from Nuance. It is also a popular Assistive Technology for people with physical disabilities and is used for its voice control capabilities.

Differences between voice control software


  1. Purchase Dragon Naturally Speaking from Nuance. A demo is not available.
  2. Download and install.
  3. click "Yes" to the prompt to enable the browser extensions after you install.
  4. You will likely need to train the software to work with your voice.

How to find your version

  1. From the system search, type "About Dragon"
  2. Click "About Dragon"
  3. Use the number listed in the resulting dialog

Guides, Documentation, and resources


The following are some common commands.


Activate item by name"Click <text>"If there are multiple choices with the same text, they the first one on the screen will be clicked. To disambiguate, use the "click <role>" command.
Choose drop down option"Choose <option text>"
Click TypeClick <role>where role is "link", "button", "text field", "image", "Check box", "Radio Button", etc. If there are multiple instances of the role, Dragon will then flag each matching element with a number. Say "choose <number>" to finish.
Hide drop down choices"Hide choices"
Next actionable item"Press Tab"
Show drop down choices"Show choices"
Undo entered text"Scratch that"
press a keyboard command"press <key>"


Move down <n> options"Move down <n>"must be in a listbox context
Move up <n> options"Move up <n>"must be in a listbox context