Important: This website does not attempt to establish a standard for how assistive technologies must behave. Read the FAQ for more information. Additionally, this is a work in progress. Please submit feedback or suggestions.


There are many different forms of Assistive Technologies (AT). The scope of this website only covers AT that must interface with the code you write as a web developer. This means that AT like screen readers or voice control software are in scope, while AT such as hearing aids and screen magnifiers are not.

For a summary of similar commands across different types of AT, view the command matrix.

AT Information

There are many different assistive technologies, but it would be impossible for us to test them all. Therefore we only test the most widely used ones.

Screen readers

Screen readers announce the content of the screen either by audio or by a braille device. People who are blind or have low vision are likely to use screen reader software to interact with computers or devices.

Voice Control

Voice Control software allows users to command their computers or devices by voice, bypassing the need for a mouse or keyboard. People with physical or motor disabilities are most likely to use voice control software. Differences between voice control software