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Windows Speech Recognition

Windows Speech Recognition is a voice control system. It's an older solution, and is being replaced by Windows Voice Access.

There are 2 types of overlays that you can turn on.

Differences between voice control software


Windows Speech Recognition is built into Windows. You can enable it in Settings > Accessibility > speech.

How to find your version

  1. From the system search, type "About your PC"
  2. Click "About your PC"
  3. Scroll down to "Windows specifications"
  4. Use the "version" listed there

Guides, Documentation, and resources


The following are some common commands.


Activate item by name"Click <text>"If there are multiple choices with the same text, they will be labeled by numbers. Say "Choose <number>", then "Okay" to finish.
Activate item by number"Choose <number>"You will need to say "okay" to confirm
Turn on the numbers overlay"Show numbers"
Hide the numbers overlay"Hide numbers"
Turn on the grid overlay"mousegrid"
Hide the grid overlay"Hide grid"
What can I say?"What can I say?"See command suggestions and hints
press a keyboard command"press <key>"