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Voice Control for iOS

Voice Control for iOS is a voice control system that can be found in iOS 13 and greater.

There are 3 types of overlays that you can turn on.

Differences between voice control software

Because Voice Control only supports names and not roles, all expectations for roles are marked as "not applicable".


Voice Control is built in to iOS and you can enable it from your Settings app.

How to find your version

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Search for "About"
  3. Click the "About" result
  4. Use the "Software Version" number that is listed

Guides, Documentation, and resources


The following are some common commands.


Activate item by name"Tap <text>"If there are multiple choices with the same text, they will be labeled by numbers. Say "Choose <number>" to finish.
Activate item by number"Choose <number>"
Turn on the names overlay"Show names"
Hide the names overlay"Hide names"
Turn on the numbers overlay"Show numbers"
Hide the numbers overlay"Hide numbers"
Turn on the grid overlay"Show grid"
Hide the grid overlay"Hide grid"
Show hintsShow hintsSee command suggestions and hints