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All commands


CommandJAWSNarratorNVDATalkBackVoiceOver (iOS)VoiceOver (macOS)Orca
activate_buttonEnter or SpaceEnter or Space BarEnter or Spacedouble tap (or alt+enter)Double tapVO + spaceEnter or Space
activate_form_controlSpaceSpaceSpacedouble tapDouble tapSpaceSpace
activate_linkEnterShift + enter or Shift + SpacebarEnterdouble tapDouble tapEnterEnter
additional_informationthree-finger tap
decrementvolume down buttonswipe down
dismiss_returnTwo-finger scrub (move two fingers back and forth three times quickly, making a ā€œzā€)
double_taptriple tap
enter_interaction_modeinsert + zNarrator + spaceNVDA + spaceOrca + a
enter_objectVO + Shift + Down Arrow
enter_text<enter text><enter text><enter text><enter text><enter text><enter text><enter text>
exit_interaction_modeinsert + zNarrator + spaceNVDA + spaceOrca + a
exit_objectVO + Shift + Up Arrow
follow_flowfromshift + equals sign
follow_flowtoequals sign
forms_mode_keyboard_command<keyboard command><keyboard command><keyboard command><keyboard command><keyboard command>
global_context_menuSwipe down, then right (or alt+space)
go_backSwipe down, then left (or alt+del)
home_screenSwipe up, then left (or alt+ctrl+h)
incrementvolume up buttonswipe up
jump_to_controlledInsert + alt + M
list_block_quotesalt + shift + q
list_buttonsalt + shift + b
list_checkboxesalt + shift + x
list_combo_boxesalt + shift + c
list_edit_fieldsalt + shift + e
list_form_fieldsalt + shift + f
list_graphicsalt + shift + g
list_headingsInsert + F6Narrator + F6NVDA + F7Alt + shift + H
list_landmarksNarrator + F5alt + shift + m
list_linksalt + shift+ k
list_listsalt + shift + L
list_paragraphsalt + shift + p
list_radio_buttonsalt + shift + r
list_regionsCtrl + Insert + r
list_visited_linksalt + shift + v
local_context_menuSwipe up, then right (or alt+shift+space)
move_to_end_of_containerWindows key+endcommacomma
move_to_mainNarrator + N
move_to_start_of_containerwindows key+homeshift+commashift+comma
multiple_commands(multiple commands)(multiple commands)(multiple commands)(multiple commands)(multiple commands)(multiple commands)(multiple commands)
next_buttonbbbSwipe downb
next_containerSwipe down
next_edit_fieldeSwipe downe
next_form_fieldfffSwipe down (alt+c)Swipe downVO + Command + JTab
next_graphicggSwipe downVO + Command + Gg
next_headinghhhSwipe down (alt+H)Swipe downVO + Command + Hh
next_itemDown arrowDown arrowdown arrowSwipe right (or alt+right arrow)Swipe RightVO + Right arrowdown arrow
next_item_of_typeNarrator + right arrowSwipe down
next_landmarkddswipe down after changing the reading control to 'landmarks' (alt+D)Swipe downm
next_linkkkSwipe down (alt+L)Swipe downVO + Command + Lk
next_listllSwipe downVO + Command + Xl
next_navigation_typeNarrator + Page Down
next_optionDown arrowDown arrowDown arrowSwipe rightSwipe downDown arrowDown arrow
next_reading_controlswipe down, then up
next_searchSwipe down
next_tabletSwipe downVO + Command + Tt
next_visited_linkvvVO + Command + Vv
nvda_menuNVDA + n
open_element_listInsert + F3NVDA + F7GCM, Quick navigationVO + U
open_rotortwo-finger + twist
open_settingsOrca + space
pause_or_start_readingtwo-finger tap
perform_default_actionVO + space
previous_block_quoteshift + q
previous_buttonshift + bshift + bSwipe upshfit + b
previous_checkboxshift + x
previous_combo_boxShift + c
previous_containerSwipe up
previous_edit_fieldSwipe upshift + e
previous_focusable_itemShift + TabShift + TabShift + TabShift+TabShift+TabShift + TabShift + Tab
previous_form_fieldfshift + fSwipe up (alt+shift+c)Swipe upVO + shift + Command + Jshift + tab
previous_graphicSwipe up
previous_headingshift + hshift + hshift + hSwipe upSwipe upVO + Shift + Command + Hshift + h
previous_itemUp arrowUp arrowup arrowSwipe left (or alt+left arrow)Swipe LeftVO + Left Arrowup arrow
previous_item_of_typeNarrator + left arrowSwipe up
previous_landmarkSwipe upshift + m
previous_linkshift + kshift+ kSwipe up (alt+shift+L)Swipe upshift+ k
previous_listSwipe up
previous_navigation_typeNarrator + Page Down
previous_optionUp arrowUp arrowUp arrowSwipe leftSwipe upUp arrowUp arrow
previous_paragraphshift + p
previous_reading_controlswipe up, then down
previous_searchSwipe up
previous_tableSwipe up
read_alltwo-finger + swipe up
read_detailsNVDA + d
read_iteminsert + up arrowNarrator + tab or Narrator + NUMPAD 5Desktop: NVDA+NUMPAD 5 OR Laptop: NVDA+CTRL+iKeypad + enter
read_item_advancedNarrator + 0
report_active_windowNVDA + b
report_titleNVDA + tOrca + keypad enter
scroll_backSwipe left then right
scroll_forwardSwipe right then left
select_and_speakTap or touch the item
select_optionEnterEnterEnterDouble tapDouble tapEnterEnter
show_talkback_menuSwipe up then right (or alt+space)
start_readingNVDA + down arrowtwo-finger + swipe downVO + AKey Pad Plus
start_reading_from_current_positionInsert + down arrowNarrator + Mswipe up then right, select 'read from next item'
stop_readingControlControlSingle tapControl
table_move_to_next_columnControl + Alt + Right arrowControl + Alt + Right arrowControl + Alt + Right arrowVO + Right Arrowalt + shift + right arrow
table_move_to_next_rowControl + Alt + up arrowControl + Alt + up arrowControl + Alt + up arrowVO + Down Arrowalt + shift + down arrow
table_move_to_previous_columnControl + Alt + Left arrowControl + Alt + Left arrowControl + Alt + Left arrowVO + Left Arrowalt + shift + left arrow
table_move_to_previous_rowControl + Alt + down arrowControl + Alt + down arrowControl + Alt + down arrowVO + Up Arrowalt + shift + up arrow
table_read_column_headerControl + Shift + Alt + Up arrowVO + C
table_read_current_cellControl + Alt + Numpad 5
table_read_row_headerControl + Shift + Alt + Left arrowVO + R
toggle_reading_modeNarrator + spaceNVDA + SpacebarOrca + A
toggle_speechOrca + S
touch_typeExplore the keyboard by single press + move (explore), then release on a key
turn_offInsert + F4Windows + EnterNVDA + QIn settings (no shortcut)Triple press home (if setting is enabled)Command + F5Super (windows or command key) + Alt + S
turn_on(none)Windows + EnterControl + Alt + NPower button, then hold two fingersTriple press home (if setting is enabled)Command + F5Super (windows or command key) + Alt + S
vo_downVO + Down arrow
vo_upVO + up arrow
whereamikey pad enter


CommandDragon Naturally SpeakingVoice Access (Android)Voice Control (iOS)Voice Control (MacOS)Windows Speech RecognitionWindows Voice Access
activate_name"Click <text>""Tap <text>" or just "<text>""Tap <text>""Click <text>""Click <text>""Click <text>"
activate_roleClick <role>
choose_dropdown_option"Choose <option text>"
choose_number"tap <number>""Choose <number>""Choose <number>""Choose <number>""<number>"
dictate"{speak text to type}""{speak text to type}""{speak text to type}""{speak text to type}""{speak text to type}""{speak text to type}"
hide_dropdown_choices"Hide choices"
hide_grid"Hide grid""Hide grid""Hide grid""Hide grid"
hide_names"Hide names"
hide_numbers"Hide numbers""Hide numbers""Hide numbers""Hide numbers""Hide numbers"
keypress"press <key>""press <key>""press <key>"
move_down"Move down <n>"
move_up"Move up <n>"
multiple_commands(multiple commands)(multiple commands)(multiple commands)(multiple commands)(multiple commands)(multiple commands)
next_actionable_item"Press Tab"
show_dropdown_choices"Show choices"
show_grid"Show grid""Show grid""mousegrid""show grid"
show_hintsShow hintsShow hints"What can I say?"
show_names"Show names"
show_numbers"Show numbers""Show numbers""Show numbers""Show numbers""Show numbers"
undo_text"Scratch that"


CommandWindows KeyboardMac KeyboardiOS KeyboardAndroid Keyboard
forward_within_controlDown arrowDown arrowDown arrowDown arrow