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aria-describedby attribute (aria)

Screen reader support level: partial (13/20)

Voice Control support level: not applicable

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Identifies the element (or elements) that describes the object. See related aria-labelledby.


What are expectations?

Screen Reader support by expectation

ExpectationJAWSNarratorNVDAOrcaTalkBackVoiceOver for iOSVoiceOver for macOS
MUST convey the value if validsupportednonepartial (1/4)supportedsupportedpartial (1/2)partial (1/2)

Voice Control support by expectation

ExpectationDragon Naturally SpeakingVoice Access for AndroidVoice Control for iOSVoice Control for MacOS
Not applicable

Expectation: convey the value if valid

Strength of these expectations for different types of assistive technologies:

  • Screen Readers: MUST
  • Voice Control: NA
ATBrowserHas Support
Dragon Naturally SpeakingGoogle Chromenot applicable
JAWSGoogle Chromesupported
JAWSInternet Explorersupported
JAWSFirefox (desktop)supported
NarratorMicrosoft Edgenone
NVDAGoogle Chromeunknown
NVDAFirefox (desktop)partial (1/2)
OrcaFirefox (desktop)supported
TalkBackGoogle Chrome (android)supported
Voice Access for AndroidGoogle Chrome (android)not applicable
Voice Control for iOSSafari (iOS)not applicable
Voice Control for MacOSSafari (macOS)not applicable
VoiceOver for iOSSafari (iOS)partial (1/2)
VoiceOver for macOSSafari (macOS)partial (1/2)

This expectation is referenced by 2 tests.

Tests that reference this expectation
Test nameScreen Reader supportVoice Control support
aria-describedby attribute that references role="alert"partial (5/10)not applicable
aria-describedby attribute on a text inputpartial (8/10)not applicable