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aria-labelledby attribute (aria)

Screen Reader support level: partial (31/33)

Voice Control support level: partial (10/18)

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About this feature

Identifies the element (or elements) that labels the current element. See related aria-describedby.

Age of results

Results across all tests for this feature range from 3 years ago to 5 years ago. Detailed dates and version information can be found in associated tests.


Failing or partial results may be out of date. The oldest result is from 5 years ago. Consider running the associated tests and contributing results.


What are expectations?

Screen Reader support by expectation

ExpectationJAWSNarratorNVDAOrcaTalkBackVoiceOver (iOS)VoiceOver (macOS)
MUST contribute to the accessible namesupportedsupportedsupportedsupportedsupportedsupportedsupportedsupportedpartial (2/3)partial (2/3)supported
SHOULD convey name changes when in focusnonenonenonesupportedsupportedsupportednonenonenonesupportedpartial

Voice Control support by expectation

ExpectationDragon Naturally SpeakingVoice Access (Android)Voice Control (iOS)Voice Control (MacOS)Windows Speech RecognitionWindows Voice Access
MUST contribute to the accessible namenonesupportedsupportedsupportedsupportedsupportedunknownunknown

Expectation: contribute to the accessible name

Strength of this expectation for different types of assistive technologies:

  • Screen Readers: MUST
  • Voice Control: MUST

Expectation: convey name changes when in focus


The user needs to know that that the name of a control has changed after interacting with it. This may be to convey a new purpose or to convey a state change which is provided by the name.

Strength of this expectation for different types of assistive technologies:

  • Screen Readers: SHOULD
  • Voice Control: NA


This expectation is only for when the element with the attribute is focused by a screen reader (either keyboard focus or virtual focus). It is not meant to act like a live region.

Screen Reader support for 'SHOULD convey name changes when in focus'
TestJAWSNarratorNVDAOrcaTalkBackVoiceOver (iOS)VoiceOver (macOS)
HTML button name change test applied to: button element; references: button elementnonenonenonesupportedsupportedsupportednonenonenonesupportedpartial