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lang attribute (html)

Screen reader support level: partial (3/20)

Voice Control support level: not applicable

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The HTML lang attributes lets authors change the language for content on a page.


What are expectations?

Screen Reader support by expectation

ExpectationJAWSNarratorNVDAOrcaTalkBackVoiceOver (iOS)VoiceOver (macOS)
MUST switch to the specified language if it is validunknownunknownsupported with 2 unknown resultsunknownunknownunknownpartial (1/2)

Voice Control support by expectation

ExpectationDragon Naturally SpeakingVoice Access (Android)Voice Control (iOS)Voice Control (MacOS)Windows Speech Recognition
Not applicable

Expectation: switch to the specified language if it is valid

Strength of these expectations for different types of assistive technologies:

  • Screen Readers: MUST
  • Voice Control: NA
Screen Reader support for 'MUST switch to the specified language if it is valid'
TestJAWSNarratorNVDAOrcaTalkBackVoiceOver (iOS)VoiceOver (macOS)
HTML option[lang] elementunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownsupportedunknownunknownunknownnone
HTML p[lang] elementunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownsupportedunknownunknownunknownsupported