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legend element (html)

Screen reader support level: partial (6/20)

Voice Control support level: not applicable

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The legend element represents a caption for the rest of the contents of the legend element's parent fieldset element, if any.


What are expectations?

Screen Reader support by expectation

ExpectationJAWSNarratorNVDAOrcaTalkBackVoiceOver (iOS)VoiceOver (macOS)
MUST convey an appropriate namepartialpartialpartialsupportedpartialsupportedsupported

Voice Control support by expectation

ExpectationDragon Naturally SpeakingVoice Access (Android)Voice Control (iOS)Voice Control (MacOS)Windows Speech Recognition
Not applicable

Expectation: convey an appropriate name

Rationale: A screen reader user needs to know what to enter.

Strength of these expectations for different types of assistive technologies:

  • Screen Readers: MUST
  • Voice Control: NA

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fieldset element (html)

DragonJAWSNarratorNVDAOrcaTalkBackVoice AccessVC iOSVC MacOSVoiceOver (iOS)VoiceOver (macOS)Speech Recognition
not applicablepartial (12/18)some partial supportpartialsupportedsome partial supportnot applicablenot applicablenot applicablepartial (4/6)supportednot applicable