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legend element (html)

Support level: supported

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The legend element represents a caption for the rest of the contents of the legend element's parent fieldset element, if any.


What are expectations?

Summary of support by expectation and assistive technology

ExpectationDragon Naturally SpeakingJAWSNarratorNVDATalkBackVoiceOver for iOSVoiceOver for macOSOrca
MUST convey an appropriate namenot applicablesupportedsupportedsupportedsupportedsupportedsupportedsupported

The screen reader MUST convey an appropriate name

Rationale: A screen reader user needs to know what to enter.

ATBrowserHas Support
Dragon Naturally SpeakingGoogle Chromenot applicable
JAWSGoogle Chromesupported
JAWSInternet Explorersupported
JAWSFirefox (desktop)supported
NarratorMicrosoft Edgesupported
NVDAGoogle Chromesupported
NVDAFirefox (desktop)supported
TalkBackGoogle Chrome (android)supported
VoiceOver for iOSSafari (iOS)supported
VoiceOver for macOSSafari (macOS)supported
OrcaFirefox (desktop)supported

This expectation is referenced by 2 tests.

Tests that reference this expectation
test namehas support
aria-required attribute on each HTML radio button in a fieldsetpartial (93/102)
The html required attribute on each HTML radio button in a fieldsetpartial (93/102)

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fieldset element (html)

DragonJAWSNarratorNVDATalkBackVoiceOver (iOS)VoiceOver (macOS)Orca
not applicablesupportedpartial (2/6)partial (8/12)partial (2/6)partial (4/6)supportedsupported