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Test: unnamed alert role (TalkBack/Chrome)

Expectation: alert role: MUST convey the implicit aria-live value of assertive by interrupting the current announcement - applied to the div element

Grading Note: There is no known/documented support. There may still be support for this expectation, but it is undocumented. If this is the case, please report this issue.
AT NameTalkBack
AT Version8.1
Browser NameChrome
Browser Version84
OS version9

Commands and Output

These are specific commands used to access the target element in the test, along with the resulting output.

activate_button (double tap (or alt+enter))fail"<1st announcement in full>, <2nd announcement in full>, existing content, i am now populated"Grading note: This command may be expected to fail. This result simply indicates that it did not yield support.