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label element (html)

Screen reader support level: supported

Voice Control support level: partial (4/8)

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The HTML <label> element provides instructions for an associated form control.

Use the explicit label technique wherever possible and avoid depending on implicit labels.


What are expectations?

Screen Reader support by expectation

ExpectationJAWSNarratorNVDAOrcaTalkBackVoiceOver for iOSVoiceOver for macOS
MUST correctly compute the accessible namesupportedsupportedsupportedsupportedsupportedsupportedsupported

Voice Control support by expectation

ExpectationDragon Naturally SpeakingVoice Access for AndroidVoice Control for iOSVoice Control for MacOS
MUST correctly compute the accessible namepartial (1/2)nonesupportedpartial (1/2)

Expectation: correctly compute the accessible name

Strength of these expectations for different types of assistive technologies:

  • Screen Readers: MUST
  • Voice Control: MUST
ATBrowserHas Support
Dragon Naturally SpeakingGoogle Chromepartial (1/2)
JAWSGoogle Chromesupported
JAWSInternet Explorersupported
JAWSFirefox (desktop)supported
NarratorMicrosoft Edgesupported
NVDAGoogle Chromesupported
NVDAFirefox (desktop)supported
OrcaFirefox (desktop)supported
TalkBackGoogle Chrome (android)supported
Voice Access for AndroidGoogle Chrome (android)none
Voice Control for iOSSafari (iOS)supported
Voice Control for MacOSSafari (macOS)partial (1/2)
VoiceOver for iOSSafari (iOS)supported
VoiceOver for macOSSafari (macOS)supported

This expectation is referenced by 2 tests.

Tests that reference this expectation
Test nameScreen Reader supportVoice Control support
Explicit labelsupportedpartial (3/4)
Implicit labelsupportedpartial (1/4)