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Run Test: aria-required attribute on each HTML radio button in a fieldset

Current support: undefined

This test checks the aria-required attribute as applied to each HTML radio button in a fieldset. Notes: * Currently, the most robust solution to mark a group of radio buttons as required is to place the text 'required' in the group label. * In most screen readers, this technique will result in the required state being conveyed for each radio in the group. Some users might find this confusing since only one radio can be selected at a time.

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Step 1: What are you testing with?

Note: your selection will be saved until you change it or clear your browser cache.

Make sure everything is up to date

Always make sure that your OS, Browser, and Assistive technology are up to date with the latest production versions before submitting test results. Also make sure that your assistive technology is set to factory defaults.

Please be sure to read the full instructions before completing the test.

Step 2: Run test cases and submit your findings

  1. Launch the chosen assistive technology that you want to test with.
  2. Ensure that your OS, AT, and Browser are all up to date.
  3. Navigate to the test page iframe (after these instructions) or open the test page.
  4. For each test case, locate the target element(s) and test whether or not the expectations are met

Note: Screen readers will usually announce an element in the format: "<role>, <accessible name>, <other states and properties>, <accessible description>". The order in which the name, role, and properties are announced might differ between screen readers. The exact vocabulary used will also differ.

Technology information

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