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HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is the foundation for almost every website on the internet.

Features and Tests

Features represent the various aspects of a technology. In HTML a feature might be an element or attribute. In CSS a feature might be a property. In ARIA a feature might be an attribute.

A test is a manual verification that a feature works like it is supposed to. The expectations of a feature might change in different contexts or when combined with different features and technologies. Therefore each feature can have many tests, and a test can be shared between many features and technologies. In general, a test should be specifically tailored to measure a single outcome.

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FeatureSupportFailing tests
dd_elementsome support
disabled_attributesome support
dl_elementsome support
dt_elementsome support
figure_elementsome support
label_elementsome support
lang_attributesome support
li_elementsome support
ol_elementsome support
scope_attributesome support
section_elementsome support
table_elementmostly supported
td_elementmostly supported
th_elementsome support
ul_elementsome support