Important: This website does not attempt to establish a standard for how assistive technologies must behave. Read the FAQ for more information. Additionally, this is a work in progress. Please submit feedback or suggestions.

Run Tests

The best thing thing that you can do to help this project is to run tests and report the results. The following are support points that need to be tested. The support points are ordered by priority, with the highest priority being zero. Lower priority tests are not currently listed to encourage a focus on higher priorities.

The testing process

  1. Select a test combination from this page and follow the link. Please focus on higher priority tests first.
  2. Follow the instructions for the given test, assistive technology, and browser.
  3. Use the provided form in the test instructions to create a GitHub issue.
  4. This project will be updated with the new submission once your findings have been verified by another user.
View submissions that need verification on GitHub.

Priority 0

These are top priority and usually include combinations that have not been tested yet.

Priority 2

These are failing tests that have been tested recently.